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11th Apr, 2012

Daemion Counseling Center Brochure

To download a PDF of the Counseling Services that Daemion Counseling Center offers, click the link below:

Daemion Counseling Center Brochure


6th Sep, 2007

Adolescent Assessment

Daemion Counseling Center provides initial mental-health screening and assessment, treatment and appropriate referrals for adolescents. Who Is It For? Adolescents experiencing:
  • Behavior and emotional disturbances.
  • Trauma and/or loss.
  • Developmental delay or learning problems.
  • Difficulties adjusting to changes in family.
What Is Involved? A crucial component of working with an adolescent population is forming a working alliance with the child's parents or parent substitute. In order to provide an environment of positive change in a child's emotional life, it is crucial to help parents, family, and other support systems understand how they can be part of a positive effort towards change. How Does The Therapy Work?
  • Develop a partnership with parents.
  • Determine child's level of emotional and mental functioning.
  • Assess child's ability to face life's challenges.
  • Provide parents psycho-educational information.
  • Increase parents' problem-solving skills and confidence.
  • Implement appropriate change within the family.
6th Sep, 2007

Parenting Skills

Designed to help parents develop skills to improve the parent-child relationship. Who Is It For? Parents who want to learn the following:
  • To distinguish between "normal" behavior and serious problems.
  • When to walk away from conflicts.
  • Coping strategies to deal with tantrums.
  • If their expectations are realistic.
What Is Involved? Ten weeks of individual sessions aimed at integrating mental health strategies vital to raising emotionally healthy children in safe environments. Parents learn successful parenting styles and gain confidence in their ability to make good decisions. How Does The Program Work?
  • Assess parenting challenges.
  • Explore styles of parenting.
  • Learn about the psychological development of children.
  • Practice parenting skills that are nurturing.
  • Improve parents' relaxation and stress management techniques.
  • Integrate positive communication and parenting skills.
  • Balance affection for children (love, time, respect) and parental control.
  • Enhance the emotional and behavioral well-being of children through effective parenting.
6th Sep, 2007

Anger Management

Designed to meet the psychological and educational needs of individuals with anger issues. Young people and adults often have problems managing their anger in a socially acceptable manner. Stress and dealing with life's reality can be difficult for some people. Daemion Counseling Center's anger management program will help identify triggers, teach methods to express anger appropriately and communicate more effectively. Who Is It For?
  • Court mandated individuals
  • Students with anger issues who are referred by school counselor
  • Those who recognize the need for anger management
What Is Involved? An intensive ten-week individual educational program aimed at understanding the sources, triggers and inappropriate expression of anger. Participants will learn more appropriate ways to deal with and express anger. How Does The Program Work?
  • Assess anger issues.
  • Explore most recent anger/violent episode(s).
  • Use log to track anger episodes.
  • Learn relaxation techniques.
  • Discuss history of violence in family.
  • Assess possibility of depression.
  • Assess need for drug and/or alcohol treatment.
  • Become aware of coping style.
  • Learn effective communication skills.
  • Learn to take responsibility for own behavior.
6th Sep, 2007

Crisis Intervention

Designed to meet the needs of people who cannot solve immediate problems because their energy is focused on relief of overwhelming distress. When a personal or family crisis occurs, the world seems to fall apart. Often, you do not know where to turn or what to do. Trauma causes feelings of helplessness, or being "out of control." Crisis counseling provides sensitive assistance and support in the immediacy of these situations. Who Is It For? People who cannot resolve the impact of one or more of the following:
  • A traumatic, overwhelming event.
  • A death or other loss.
  • A series of stressful events.
What Is Involved? An initial step in crisis work is exploring the impact of the crisis on the person or persons involved. Crisis intervention is designed to guide clients toward mastery of the circumstances that seem to be causing the greatest distress. Reducing the immediate crisis is necessary in order to gain the emotional clarity to make positive future decisions. How Does Crisis Intervention Work?
  • Explore the activating event(s).
  • Assess the symbolic meaning of the event.
  • Examine the coping skills used in the past.
  • Focus on why past coping resources no longer work.
  • Determine whether client is a danger to self or others.
  • Develop problem-solving techniques.
  • Implement specific goals.
6th Sep, 2007

Family Counseling

Designed to help family members learn how to better interact together and understand each other's needs. Family counseling helps members examine their different perceptions and expectations of the family. Counseling is often needed to help family members learn how to communicate more effectively. Through enhanced communication, family members are able to work together as a harmonious unit. Who Is It For? Families that experience one or more of the following:
  • Inability to resolve conflicts.
  • Violence and abuse.
  • Trauma or loss.
  • Poor communication.
What Is Involved? Family counseling helps family members learn the skills necessary to live in harmony. With professional guidance, the family examines the patterns of relating that do not work. Family expectations are also discussed. Appropriate boundaries are developed and more effective behaviors implemented. How Does Family Counseling Work?
  • Explore areas of discord in the family.
  • Examine major current concerns.
  • Assess communication skills.
  • Determine family resources.
  • Develop more appropriate ways of relating.
  • Implement new strategies for problem solving.
6th Sep, 2007

Couple Counseling

Designed to help couples learn more effective ways to interact and communicate. Through new patterns of relating, couples can enhance their relationship. Who Is It For?
  • Loving couples wanting to enhance their relationship.
  • Dissatisfied couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Engaged couples looking for insight into healthy relationships.
  • Couples considering separation or divorce.
What Is Involved? Through counseling, couples examine how their own expectations and beliefs can differ from their significant other's expectations and beliefs. Couples develop their own lifestyle based on their personal needs and expectations. In order to develop this lifestyle, they must learn to communicate honestly and effectively. How Does Couple Counseling Work?
  • Explore each partner's expectations for the relationship.
  • Determine which areas of their relationship are not working.
  • Examine issues that cause discord within the relationship.
  • Look at family-of-origin patterns and myths.
  • Learn techniques that enhance communication.
  • Develop appropriate ways to express feelings.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual sharing.
6th Sep, 2007

Individual Counseling

Designed for individuals who are working toward understanding themselves more fully and creating positive change in their lives. Through individual counseling, people can talk confidentially with an objective professional to gain insight and find solutions for problems in their lives. Who Is It For?
  • People seeking personal growth and enrichment.
  • People dissatisfied with their life choices.
  • People suffering from depression and/or anxiety.
  • People dealing with loss and/or trauma.
  • People facing major life adjustments.
What Is Involved? Individual counseling is designed to help people gain the tools necessary to make decisions that will enhance their lives. People suffering from conflict, depression, anxiety, or loneliness will learn to identify their feelings and explore ways to understand and deal with negative emotions. How Does Individual Counseling Work?
  • Discuss present problems or goals.
  • Determine past coping skills.
  • Learn tools and techniques for change.
  • Explore current life-style and feelings.
  • Assess personal resources.
  • Examine patterns of relating to others.
  • Develop necessary strategies to achieve goals.
  • Implement new behaviors, decisions, and choices.